About Me

ThriveRealEstate_Portraits_143Thrive Counseling is all about wholeness and healing. So many of us simply “live” (i.e. “survive”) our lives without taking time to understand how we could live more fully, more alive. I believe that God offers us a full and abundant life here and now – and my passion is to help you as you seek to “Thrive”.

Every part of us is interconnected and each part affects the whole.  For this reason, I take time to help my clients process through each aspect of self as we move through therapy.  More than 13 years of marriage and the experience of raising 3 children has taught me that everything is truly connected!!  I have had ample opportunity to discover the joys and pitfalls of marriage and parenting, and one of my joys is to help individuals, couples and families build healthy lasting connections.

My therapy style is ecclectic – drawing from the best of attachment-based therapies, energy psychology and other current psychotherapy techniques. I additionally utilize a protocol known as “Splankna” which is a Biblically based protocol for Energy Psychology, combining tools from EFT, TFT, and EMDR.